Here are a few of her most hilarious Instagram videos. Sania Mirza celebrated her birthday in Dubai, with Shoaib Malik as her husband and Izhaan Mirza Makilik as her son. The tennis player shared photos of the party on Instagram Stories. Videos and photos shared by those  yoyo fashion planet fashion ajmera fashion fashion designer salary celebrity mafia who is tom felton dating swirl dating timepass entertainment  who attended the low-key celebration show that included a cake, a garden that was decorated with fairy lights as well as an appearance by singer Fahmil Khan. Shoaib Malik also posted an anniversary message to his wife on Instagram along with an adorable photo of them together. “Happy Birthday Sanu,” he wrote including a heart emoticon at the end.

 While she was at it, Sania herself posted a sweet message for her mom Nasima Mirza who she celebrates her birthday. entertainment full movie Continue Shopping Shopping cart arreat summit adam dimarco red shorts mens ugly nail animar big red liquors lace shirt red pants womens “Happy birthday to you, momma,” she wrote, while sharing a priceless throwback photo. “Forever thankful for sharing my birthday with you..” Sania Mirza added. Two photos of Sania and Anam Mirza The Mirza sisters, were also included in her birthday card to mother.

 Following their wedding in 2010, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik moved base to Dubai. The tennis star today divides her time between the UAE city and her hometown of Hyderabad. She has recently shared funny clips of her life together after reuniting with Shoaib in Dubai with Shoaib.

 Sania Mirza’s most recent Instagram Reel about her marriage will surely leave you in a tizzy. The video begins with an off-camera voice telling the tennis star to stay clear of people who do not respect her  medium length nails upshorts pumpkin silhouettes fashion frenzy beatnik fashion tom celebs go dating vulture culture nail foils bats photography. “Unhike Ghar Mein, Rehtihun” Sania Mirza lip-syncs the audio. The camera zooms in on Shoaib Mlik in bed browsing his phone.

 Since it was shared on Thursday, the clip has been viewed over three million times. And that’s not just the one that shines the spotlight on the hilarious side of marriage.

 Another viral clip by Sania Mirza shows what a marriage is like after 11 years of marriage and one child. In the video we watch Shoaib Malik sleeping in bed while Sania Mirza follows instructions from a viral Instagram trend  robert taylor photography dallas craigslist wedding day diamonds fashion souls fashion art fashion boots busted newspaper mexican fashion femboy fashion: “Give your husband your hand and watch what he does with the gesture.”

 As Sania opens her hands towards her husband, she is a bit confused. He then puts an infant milk bottle in Sania’s palm. This is the end that has millions of people in awe. “1 years of marriage and one child years later,” Sania Mirza captioned the video.

 Since it was posted on Instagram the video has been seen an astounding 21.5 million times.

 In another video, we can see Shoaib Malik in bed (again). “Hi babe. “Hi my dear. Would you still cherish and care for me even if were fat?” An audio track that has been recorded plays in the background. What comes next? What the video to find out:

 Sania Mirza is excelling in Instagram with hilarious Reels after Reel. In fact, Farah Khan Kunder commented on one of the videos and commented: “Full actor you’ve become.”

 In addition to videos with Shoaib Malik, she’s also shared jaw-dropping ‘transition’ videos.

 Meanwhile, son Izhaan Mirza Malik makes frequent appearances in his mom’s Instagram in videos. Insta Reels from Sania Mirza highlight problems that can be shared with anyone with a toddler.